Y’all believe it now?

You’re fucking kidding me right?

People are suffering to Ebola and America had a way to potentially cure it


Does saving lives not mean anything to anyone anymore?

I fucking cant

Who’s really surprised? AMERICA isn’t shit & never will be.

They said it costing too much was part of the issue but I haven’t seen the government have any issue with the billions of dollars they constantly give Israel to do any mother fucking thing they please.

Seriously?! the US ain’t shit

Didn’t they give it to a Spanish patient today

Wtf America

It’s fucking true. They said no to Nigeria. But then ship it right the fuck out to Spain for one patient.

It is so hard to love a country that does not value you/people who look like you.


Told y’all this was going to happen. Just like what they did with the HIV/AIDS drug treatments. 

Listen up peeps! Time for some education! The ZMapp is NOT dubbed as a cure yet! It is in the experimental stages where it hasn’t even been widely tested on humans yet. Because it’s still in clinical trials we don’t know if it actually works yet or what kind of side effects exist. Due to it being a clinical trial drug, it isn’t being massed produced. Right now what we do have of the drug is already been distributed. So the next question is, “Why aren’t we mass producing it?” Again we don’t know if it is even effective with only a hand full of human test subjects or if it has any severe side effects. Also if we mass produce a useless drug we are taking away other resources and time from drugs that are in need and that we know works (as heartless as that sounds). Here is my resource for the ZMapp drug (cause in the medical field you need to source your shit!).

Secondly, the most important thing with Ebola is containing the disease with strict quarantines and cleaning procedures for those exposed and disposing of the bodies properly. It’s highly contagious through bodily fluids. Unfortunately Ebola is scary shit so the people are afraid to admit exposure or submit to quarantines (because so many people die). Because of this they’ve been dumping bodies in the streets in order to avoid being quarantined. Some have retrieved loved ones from quarantine sites to bury them properly thinking that the outsiders are not there to help, but to exert control (who can blame them with all the civil war in those areas). This only increases the exposure to people and the spread rate. In the past Ebola was stopped in areas with containment and quarantine, but they are having difficulties with that as the news has documented. Another source:

Before you start placing blame on the government or the medical professionals trying to make this drug available, please do your research.

I should buy groceries but like… I would have to put on make up and shoes and wear matching clothes and i’m just not prepared for that commitment

If I could disguise myself as a guy I would, then I could just be a ugly looking dude instead of an incredibly lazy looking girl.

I feel like I only discover how fun certain games are until long after the hype for them is over.

Like I’m over here losing my shit laughing because I hit a pedestrian in Saints Row 4 and signed a bill to “Fuck Cancer” and am like gee I wish I had known about this last year.

I just downloaded Loish’s brushsets and thought what better way to test them out than on a beautiful girl!

I just downloaded Loish’s brushsets and thought what better way to test them out than on a beautiful girl!

I had this weird dream where like pieces of it were in French but like I don’t speak French, despite my efforts. And there was one part where someone kept saying “il neige” saying it meant to take a shower and I was so frustrated and angry I was like no that means it’s snowing and then I woke up and was like “really does it, I don’t remember that” and then I googled it and low and behold il neige does mean it’s snowing like wow good job brain paying attention in French class when I clearly wasn’t.

I went to take a nap like around 5 or something… I have only now awoken and it is 10…

I have made some mistakes.

I wanted to draw something good and this just kinda came out… ehh.Oh well, dragon girls are neat.

I wanted to draw something good and this just kinda came out… ehh.

Oh well, dragon girls are neat.

Twitter Time

It’s that time of year, guys… That time of year where I’m like “I’m young, I’m hip. I should be on twitter!” and I try to use twitter regularly.

Follow the exciting adventure.


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Dr. Algernop Krieger’s fine ass



Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting