Well here's an idea: pick up a goddamned and write one yourself. Be part of the solution instead of sitting around doing fuck all.


Dude, you realize I’ve written several books, right? Seven series, thousands of pages. Literally, multiple thousands of pages. Four of those series are in book form, as well as some in anthologies published by other people. Total, there are 13 graphic novels that I wrote and drew or contributed to, and that’s not counting single issue comics or illustrated prose stories or other sundry illustrations (I keep updating this section as I remember more of the things I’ve written. There are enough to lose track.) All about people who are not straight white dudes. I will be the first to admit my track record on characters of color could be way better, as well as trans and disabled characters, and a whole bunch of other types of people, and I’m working on it. I’m actively working on it. In the books that I am writing. And publishing.

I feel kind of silly pulling out the “don’t you know who I am?” thing but… you obviously don’t know who I am or what I do. And you look reeeeeeeeeeeeeally silly right now.

This is hilarious and ignorance in its finest form. Nevermind that “Why don’t you make it yourself” is one of the dumbest cop out counter arguments in the world, just… wow. 

Researching Iraq and Iran countrysides and landscapes and oh my God no one told me it was this beautiful

  1. toughtink said: i love 500 days of summer, but sooo many people miss the point of that movie and use it as an example of the trope instead of the deconstruction that it is! V___V

I never watched 500 Days of Summer because I genuinely thought “This is going to be some long ass romantic movie about hipsters isn’t it.” NOW I am much older and don’t use hipster as an insult as often, and a movie about deconstructing MPDG trope? I need to sit down and watch that eventually.

Pssstt sorry I'm so out of the loop, what's a manic pixie dream girl?

It’s a kind of catch all term for when you have a female character who is quirky/weird/mysterious and exists solely to teach the male protagonist how to live his life/fix his problems/boost his self esteem. Often she is put on a pedestal by the male protagonist as this perfect girl who has an offbeat answer to everything. The problem is that this creates an image of a girl who is so high on a pedestal she could never possibly live up to these expectations, of being her own unique quirky fun self and also being able to magically fix depression, anxiety, low self esteem, what have you. Good movie examples of deconstructing the manic pixie dream girl: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 500 Days of Summer. That’s my impromptu 2 cents on that, others are welcome to join in on defining this trope, as there has often been some contention on what actually constitutes as a manic pixie dream girl.

I think it's just become the new popular thing. People throw buzzwords around, people reblog and latch on. I've seen so much hate for John Green on my dash lately, especially from people I KNOW haven't read any of his books. I can't really say much seeing as I haven't read any myself but gdi internet, John Green is a good person who does a lot of good work/things. It's not a cool edgy thing to shit on him just because you don't like his writing.

This is closer to my main point that even if you don’t like his writing, John Green is a cool dude who has done a lot of good in this world and actively seeks to make it a better place and encourage others to make it a better, smarter, and kinder place. John and Hanks’ various education projects (Crash Course, SciShow, etc) This Star Won’t Go Out, Project for Awesome, all good stuff.

I have read all of John Green's books and enjoyed them (AoK is actually my fave), but I do think he has problems with writing manic pixie dream girls. The thing about MPDGs is not only that they are "different" and exciting and main character guys put them on pedestals, but that they exist only to facilitate the growth of the main character. Even when Green's MPDGs make the boys disillusioned or whatever, they still are only there to teach him that lesson. Sorry, I'm just interested in the topic

That’s a pretty cool catch-22. MPDG is there to teach not how to live life or find yourself or be happy or whatever, but to teach that MPDGs are bullshit, thereby still teaching and progressing the development of the male character. If you define it that way, then yes his books are guilty of that. However I find his female characters to have more dimension to them than an MPDG would normally allow. Mind you, not perfect dimension, but I can see how he’s actually getting better over time. I differentiate by defining a MPDG as a character that serves ONLY to further the storyline as a perfect weird girl who has little depth to her own character/story and serves only to cheer up and fix the protagonist. Green’s male protagonists are never ‘fixed’ or ‘cured’ from what they’ve experienced. They learn something, sure. Mostly that people are people, not ideas or ideologies you force on them.

well, now, that just doesn't make sense! I mean, I'm not a huge fan of his books (tried a few. Just not my style, unfortunately. Will never say they're not well-written though.) but I found that one of their more charming aspects was how blatantly UNpretentious they were! (of course, at this point 'pretentious' is an incredibly diluted word that means different things to different people as a largely descriptionless buzz word for why they don't like something, so...)

It’s cool not to like his books! It’s cool not to like things. Some things just don’t work for other people. And I have the same opinion on using the word hipster as an insult (Even though I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past). And I think just generally I get ruffled when people insult him directly. People always get upset a little when you insult their heroes directly.

There are lots of reasons that people are "hating on" John Green. Most of us have read the books too. Doesn't mean we can't mock Gus for being pretentious. And, yes, we KNOW that's the way he's supposed to be written.

I think I already mentioned earlier that I was perfectly aware how pretentious Gus is? It’s kind of one of his major personality traits? That and his hero complex? Which kind of highlights how his story ends in the book, taking down hero complexes that are often thrust upon children/young people suffering from life threatening illnesses as we look towards them hoping for a bright and inspirational story of a tragic hero and instead we get cold reality? And part of Gus’ tragedy is that he buys into being a pretentious tragic hero and finds out it’s actually all really shitty and terrible? I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me here.

  1. lazyveganradical said: omgsh I’m sorry you’re losing followers lol that’s kindof ridiculous ! Yeah, I thought Paper Towns (that’s the book you’re thinking about right ?) did a pretty good job with mpdg stuff, but Abundance of Katherines kinda put me off idr everything why

I do agree that AoK is maybe his weakest book for me, even though I absolutely love Hassan. And I enjoyed his realistic portrayal of Tennessee, being from there myself (Do not mess with wild pig monsters). And yeah Paper Towns is the one I’m thinking of, though I think Looking for Alaska had some of it too. A guy holding up this girl as the be all end all amazing mystery girl, only to find she had her own weird crazy shit to deal with, and wasn’t dealing with it well at all and she couldn’t fix him, and he definitely couldn’t fix her.

And I think that’s a reoccurring theme in a lot of his books: romanticizing relationships and putting your partner on a pedestal and of course it crashes and burns because of that. My favorite thing he’s written is “What a treacherous thing to believe a person is more than just a person.”

Books are so great. I love books.

  1. lazyveganradical said: I think there’s some good criticism on his work, but mostly all I’ve seen is different cigarette metaphor jokes ? Is there more hateful stuff being published ?

Haha I do like cigarette metaphor jokes. Augustus is pretty pretentious like that. It’s just been in random blog wanderings, people getting mad that hipsters like his stuff I guess? And of course “His work perpetuates manic pixie dream girl myths!” Which no, no it doesn’t. He literally has a whole book about that why MPDG myths are bullshit. And John just recently published a hateful ask responding in a very mature and kind way so it made me think on some of the stuff I’ve seen lately.